Hey babes, I'm Camille.

I've always been someone who speaks out for what is right and for what I believe in. And while there are TONS of things that I feel strongly about in this world, women's issues and self love are the one that I'm most passionate about. 

Self love is just so freaking important, especially as a woman. It's not just love of your body and looks, but love of your entire self. I know from experience how hard it is when you're stuck in a rut of listening to what everything society is telling you to do. Everything from how I look, my weight, my makeup, how I speak, what is and isn't ladylike, my career, how I dress, what I should/ shouldn't say...I mean damn society, am I doing anything right?! 

One day I just said "fuck that" and did whatever I wanted, followed my dreams, and began a journey (that I'm still on) into true self love and a really happy life. 

Helping others through that journey and sharing their stories just kinda feels like what I was meant to do in this world. 

My life's motto has always been "do what makes you happy" and "women should empower other women". Boudoir is pretty much the perfect way for me to have a photography business, uplift women, help others to love them selves shamelessly, and have hella fun while doing it. Because my job is *really* fun.


Some other facts about me: 

- I'm sarcastic but I think I'm pretty funny

- I live in Athens, GA with my boyfriend/ bff/ soulmate, Brandon. 

- I wear mostly black, but I love all things color

- I always dream of being one of those girls who always has her hair nails done and on point, but I'm too lazy to go get them done so I run around with chipped nail polish and split ends.

- I have a pupper who I talk about all the time because I'm one of *those* dog moms

- If I don't write lists about things I need to do, my life will begin to crumble

- I'm transitioning out of the wedding photography business that I had been doing since 2014

- I've actually done my own boudoir shoot, so I know the nervousness/excitement feeling well!