Creating CR Boudoir // Athens GA Boudoir


Building this boudoir business of mine has been no easy feat. It's taken hours of designing, planning, brainstorming in front of my computer screen. 

I want to get this right. I want my business to not only be a photography business, but a place where women feel safe, encouraged, and motivated. I don't want to talk about the same things everyone else does- I want to get deeper. I want to dive into not only body positivity and love of your outer self, but also loving your own soul.

It's easy enough to say "love yourself" to someone, but it's harder actually helpful in helping change the way someone feels about themselves. And no, I don't expect to change everyone's life or mindset. Things like that take time. People spend their whole lives thinking of themselves a certain way, it's not going to change overNIGHT. 

With that being said, however, I do really want to be a daily source of positivity. So often in life, humans are bogged down with negativity ALL DAY EVERY DAY. I know I feel that way. Sometimes I even have to take some time away from the tv, Facebook, and news. Like jeeeez, it's like, why don't you just punch me in the face with sadness?! Hopefully, my social media will bring in a bit of positivity and inspiration, while my shoots create an intimate way to fall in love with yourself. 

The main reason I want to do this, is because I know it's something everyone needs. It's something that even I need. Even when you love yourself most of the time, it's REALLY easy to fall back into patterns of self hate.

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