5 Reasons To Have A Boudoir Session


  1. You’re worth it. That’s it.

    I just want to start by saying that you don’t ever NEED a reason to have a boudoir session. Do it for the sole reason that it can change the way you see yourself and set you on the path of the process of self love!!

  2. You are often comparing yourself to other women.

    Firstly, I know it’s hard not to do this. I know. Been there, am still there. My portfolio is FILLED with everyday women. I know it’s hard to convince you, but you’re just as capable as them! Trust the process.

  3. You’re getting married/ have an anniversary coming up.

    A boudoir session is a great celebration of big life changes, no matter what they may be! Go into or celebrate your awesome marriage with doing something for you. Also, they’ll love it. It’s a pretty epic gift. ;)

boudoir .JPG

4. You’ve never seen yourself as sexy. 

We have women come in and tell me that they’ve always been a tomboy or never worn lingerie, or always felt more “cute” than sexy. Everyone is sexy. Sexy is confidence, not a look. That’s why we tailor the experience to your personality! We’ll find what your sexy is.

5. You’re ready to feel like yourself again. 

As women, we work and work and mom and do our to- do lists and have our routine. This can cause a major disconnect between our with our bodies and who we are. It’s hard to tell when that’s happening.

Personally, boudoir is the BEST thing that’s happened to me for this disconnect. Connecting your mind with your body and seeing your body raw in a photo is POWERFUL. Even during the posing, you start to connect your mind and body in the best way. I can literally SEE it happening throughout the shoot itself. The connect you can gain is something you carry with you into everyday.



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