Boudoir + Being Authentic with Yourself // Athens GA Boudoir

I can't even express how important authenticity is to me. The business of boudoir is one where truth, authenticity, and raw feelings are seriously important.

I ask a lot from the babes who book a shoot with me. I ask them to open up and tell me about themselves, and I ask them to pose vulnerably and half naked with a person they've basically never met. That takes a lot of guts. Even if you love every ounce of yourself, it's still not an easy thing. 

Being honest is important, though. When I send out my little "get to know you" questionnaire, the responses I get have to be real. The more honest you are, the more you'll get from this shoot. It's amazing how much listing out the reasons WHY you want the shoot and why you

Because I ask this of you all, I strive to make myself honest and vulnerable as well. Because I'm a fucking human being, just like you.

I mean, I run a boudoir business that promotes positivity and focuses on self love and I STILL struggle with how I feel about myself sometimes. I don't always take my own advice, but I do my best. And that's all I can ask from myself, just like it's all I can ask from you.