You are Enough as You Are Now.


It’s so easy to determine our worth based on our size, how we compare to others, our sucesses, or how we see ourselves. It’s so easy for us to pick apart how we look, picking out every single imperfection. It’s so easy to FOCUS on those imperfections, even if you have tons of things that you do love about yourself! We always tend to focus on what needs to be changed. Trust me when I say that it's so easy to feel as though you're not enough. 

And look, It is completely natural for you to want what you don’t have. I mean, we literally have people shoving reasons why we should dislike ourselves or our lives EVERY DAMN day. The grass really does always seem to be greener on the other side. That's just the point of view that we fall into. I'd be happier if I ____, my life would be easier if I had _____, etc, etc.  

Even once you get what you want, there will ALWAYS be something else you want to change. Self hate is so easy to fall into, because it seems to be what everyone else is doing. 

Even those who we consider to be "perfect" have flaws, insecurities, and things that they wish they could change about themselves. They may be different insecurities than what you see, but you have to realize that everyone has something that they're struggling with. While you’re wishing for aspects of their bodies or lives, they’re wishing for yours. 

Why? Why do we obsess over trying to fit into something that we aren’t? Why do we spend so much time worrying about what others see? Why can't we see and focus on the good instead of what we hate or want to change? 

We should be loving and embracing the different bodies that we are in. 

Sexy is about confidence regardless of flaws. 

You are enough as you are now. You don't need to change anything in order to see worth in yourself as you are now. In fact, it'll be easier for you to work towards your goals and loving yourself is you are able to love yourselves in every part of your life. YOU ARE ENOUGH AS YOU ARE NOW.  <3