Being Bold.


Being bold. 

When we need to do something for ourselves, (especially when it’s something bold or different) we tend to stop ourselves in fear of what our friends or family might think. This is completely natural but can really do harm by causing us to not take those leaps that can change us for the better. 

I’ve been doing self portraits for a while now, and each time I see myself a bit differently. Recently I’ve been taking self portraits when I’m in one of my less than good moods. I’m learning to see flaws positively, find sexy in the soft, and say FUCK IT when I start getting nervous about what other will think about it. 

I’m really NOT 100% comfortable in my own body/ mind. Feelings of “not enough” have caused real rollercoaster of a time. I’ll have days where I feel like a damn QUEEN, and other days I feel like I want to sit on the couch in pjs and cry about how big my thighs are. 

When I started posting my own boudoir images with you all, I began to be afraid of how others will see me. Whether that be old friends, my family, or even strangers. I was afraid of being judged or looked down upon.

All of these fears stem from giving a shit what others think. I’m still working on this, but I’m learning to not be afraid, stop giving so many shits, and take control of my own life and body. 

Boudoir is not just about proving your physical beauty or having sexy photos, it’s about doing something strong, something out of the box, and taking control and ownership.  

There isn’t anyone out there who is worth second guessing yourself for.  And for those who do care or judge, fuck them because your opinion is all that matters.