"I Couldn't Beleive The Woman in These Photos Was ME." // A Review // Athens Gerogia Boudoir

First let me say that reviews like this is why I do what I do. I don't do this type of photography for the reviews, but the fact that I can help women help themselves to see how fucking BEAUTIFUL inside and out they are? That's my favorite part. 

It makes me feel like I'm doing something important and worthwhile. The women I work with are so god damn incredible and they work so hard, are so smart, and have the best personalities, and it makes me crazy when some of them come in feeling unsure about how great that they are.

Read this babe's heartfelt review that made me tear up when I read it:

"As a woman of color who has had self-esteem issues in the past, it took me awhile to realize how pretty I am. But I never got a chance to feel beautiful, gorgeous, or sexy. After about an hour and a half with Camille, that all changed for the better. 
Not only did Camille made my first boudoir experience fun and enjoyable, but she made sure it was also a safe and comfortable one. She would ask me if I was okay doing a certain position and would also give me positive reinforcement throughout the photoshoot. Camille would do whatever it took to get *the* shot. 
I felt like a brand-new woman after my experience. However I was a little nervous to see some of my photos. Camille sent me a few teaser shots after about a day, and when I looked at my photos, I teared up! I couldn't believe that the woman in those photos was me! I instantly I fell in love with myself after that!
If you're looking for someone to do this with, Camille is definitely the best fit for it. I'm so happy I got a chance to do this and feel great about my whole experience with Camille!"