10 Reasons to do a Boudoir Shoot

Sometimes people will come to me and say: "I want to book a shoot but I don't have a good enough reason for me to go for it." I believe that you don't need a reason or excuse to do one other than you feel like it, but here's some things you can use to convince yourself to do it!

So here ya go, 10 reason to book the shoot:

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1. You're getting married

One of the most popular reasons, this is a gift to yourself before this next life milestone that AND use it as a wedding gift to your significant other. Best of both worlds. ;) 

2. You're trying to find yourself. 

This could be emotionally, physically, or sexually! Do you want to embrace your sexy? Maybe you can use this physical liberation to help get a new emotional/ mental midset? Maybe you've never felt sexy?  Maybe you've been told all of your life that you shouldn't feel sexy? Maybe you're struggling to feel connected to your body? 

3. You crushed a goal and want to celebrate

Are you killing it at work and want to celebrate all of your hard work? Did you reach a workout goal? Ge

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4. You have an anniversary coming up

Another gift for your love while being a gift to you. ;) 

5. It's your birthday and you want to document you as you are this year

Birthdays can be rough as you get older, and getting out there and doing something to show that you're still hot as fuck can be liberating, empowering, and the BEST way to start your year!

6. After a divorce or breakup

Whether it just be to start new or to reclaim your body/ mind after domestic abuse or just because, this experience can make you feel free you of the bad things and getting a fresh start in life. 

7. You're a new mom

Doing a boudoir shoot can make you feel like an independent human once again. You're not JUST a mom. Embrace those stretch marks and DO THE SHOOT LIKE THE MILF YOU ARE.

8. You've been a mom for a while and you've forgotten what it's like to feel sexy or do something for yourself.

Are your kids older and you feel like the past few years have been SO focused on loving and being there for your kids 24/7. You're a good mama, but remember that it's so important to do something for you, focus on yourself, and stay full so you can keep giving. <3 

10. Just Because. To celebrate yourself in a new way

The thing is, you don't have to have an excuse to do it. You have the ability to give yourself permission to do something for yourself, by yourself, for no reason other than that you want to. 

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