Dealing with Your Pre- Session Nerves // with CR Boudoir


The best part about a boudoir session for me is seeing the confidence during a shoot ACTUALLY start to form while we’re shooting.

Everyone starts a session nervous. Whether they admit it or not, it’s impossible to come to a new place with a new person and do something so new, half naked.

Women always come in listing things they dislike about themselves so they can “prepare me” for it. They’ll say things to me like, “you’re going to have to pose me I don’t know what I’m doing” or “be careful, my face looks crazy sometimes!” or “I’m so awkward, good luck trying to make me look sexy!” but then slowly, usually around the 30 min mark, MAGIC starts to happen!

They start flowing with poses instead of waiting for instruction, their eyes get more confident and sure of themselves, and they start to let go and just have fun with it!

I always tell people not to worry about looking dumb in front of me because chances are, I’ll have looked way dumber in front of you anyways. Just wait. I’m constantly tripping over furniture and climbing on top of things. It’s a real problem, but I have no shame. haha!

Also, never be too nervous or ashamed to let us know if you’re looking for a specific look or go really bold and edgy. I can promise you we’ve seen it all. ;)

And because I know that everyone has nerves, I do everything I can to make sure you’re totally prepared and ready for your session. The more prepared you feel, the more ready you’ll be. That’s why I over explain everything like a crazy person.

The rest happens once you meet me at the studio and realize that there’s to way you can be nervous around someone as goofy as me. haha!

See ya in the studio!