Look, I’m not a mom. I’ll say that first. I don’t truly know what it’s like being a mom but I DO know that it’s really freaking hard. I’ve been a nanny and I know how much mental, emotional, and physical energy a day with some kids can take.

I imagine that spending all of your days like this with IMMENSE pressure to be perfect, can be really hard. And stressful. and overwhelming.

This is just a gentle reminder that although every mom’s life is their kids, you’re sill allowed to be yourself, be a sexy, and pay attention to YOUR needs + self care.

You can’t give your all to your loved ones if you have nothing to give.

And I KNOW it’s hard to spend money and time on only yourself when you have kids to think about. But hey, you spend years with those little ones and you deserve to do something for YOURSELF.

Sometimes you just need a little reminder that you are you and not just “mom”.