"All Along, You Were Blooming." // Athens, GA Boudoir


Everyone take a second to really look back and the you that you were a couple of years ago. Think about all of those times that you were wishing you were further in some aspect of your life and all of the times that you wished time would move forward. Done? Okay.

Now compare the you from back then, to the current you. I'm sure that you've met goals, pursed thing that you love, had good moments, and the hard times that have past. We're always blooming and becoming better, different, stronger in life and I know (from personal experience 🙃 ) that it's hard to comprehend this while in the moment, but maybe if we all make a point to be proud of where we've come, it'll be easier and more enjoyable journey of life.

This can make it easier to do new things, do things that scare you, and and work through those hard times of fear and heart ache. 

Do hard things. Be proud of where you've come. Do something new. You've got this, and it's all OKAY.