Hey babes, I'm Camille.

I've always been someone who speaks out for what is right and for what I believe in. And while there are TONS of things that I feel strongly about in this world, women's issues and self love are the things I'm most passionate about. 

That’s why I believe that boudoir is my life’s mission.

Self love is hard. Being a woman and loving yourself is even harder. There’s so many things out there that are telling us to change ourselves and that we’re always “too much” or “not enough” of something. I’ve been there, and am still there. I’m here with ya on this self love journey. Helping each one of you helps me a little bit along the way as well!


We belive that boudoir is for everyone. Every age, every size, every body. (yeah, you reading this) are capable and worthy of an experience that is all about celebrating and rediscovering your you.

You don’t need any sort of courage or fearlessness in order to have your own session, either. All you need is trust in the process, and a little bit of trust in yourself. Let me show you how beautiful you are!!


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