frequently asked questions

If your question hasn't been answered here, feel free to contact me with your question. 

Should I come with hair and makeup?

Nope! Every collection comes with one our professional and very very talented hair and makeup artists! All of the makeup artists that I use will help you choose what type of makeup look that you're wanting. The main reason I include makeup artists is because certain makeups and applications photograph differently than others. It's also a really great time for you to relax and drink a lil bit of mimosas before the posing starts!

What should I wear?

There's tons of options of what to wear. I have a guide that will help you in deciding what type of lingerie or outfits will highlight your best attributes and fit your personality. Don't limit yourself to the classic bra/ underwear combo.

Think outside the box with robes, one peices, thigh highs, cozy sweaters, heels, or other props. Again, let me know what you're thinking, and I'll help you plan the perfect look!

Will you photoshop me if I look fat?

STOP THAT RIGHT NOW. Imperfections on your body is what makes you uniquely you. And because of that, I only smoothen skin and do very minimal photoshop. 

Part of this process is seeing yourself as you really are and how others see you. Instead of photoshop, I use flattering poses and lighting to contour and highlight you to look your best. You will not look like a whole new person. You'll look like you & the best version of yourself.

Do you sell digital files?

Yes! Most of my collections include digital files as well as some sort of print, because you having both is super important to me.

Even if you're not wanting an album or prints to give to a significant other, it's still important for you to have your images printed. Plus the products I offer are so pretty. You're going to want them. 

There's something awesome about seeing yourself in print, too. like whoa. 

What do I have to do in order to book?

Contact me though my website, we'll talk about what you're looking for, and then all you need is to sign a contract and pay your session fee in order to save your date. 

Where will the shoot be?

The shoot will be located in an Athens GA Air Bnb. I love shooting in AirBnbs. because it's like a hotel, but homey and more comfortable! I handle all of the Air Bnb booking and cost, so all you have to do is show up!

Are you going to post my photos?

I only post with the permission of my clients and I take privacy very seriously. Most of my clients do allow their photos to be posted on my website and social media, but it's NOT necessary. I have a couple of different privacy options that you'll choose after your session. :)